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  • Feb 10, 2013

Here we are just one month into a new year, and already two major promotional product shows have been held. While new products are introduced constantly throughout the year, January always brings the biggest changes, with entire catalogs being updated. I attended the show sponsored by the Advertising Specialty Institute in Orlando, while colleagues made it to Las Vegas for the Expo put on by Promotional Products Association International. Since then we've been sharing some of the cool ideas we've found. While these shows can border on sensory overload, as you'll see from the video at the end, the trick is to sort out all the familiar stuff from the new and unusual. And more importantly, since the products hit you first, is to think about how they can best be used to get positive marketing results.

This unique pen and pencil holder will stop them in their tracks 

Grow your business with an ever-growing reminder on your client's desk

desktop plant

How about a high-style sports car on your desk that just happens to be a USB hub?

sports car USB hub?

Pet promotions are a great way to give your company a friendly image.

Pet promotions

Bring your rock star personna to your marketing with branded guitars.

branded guitars.

Super-size your branding with these tailgate items.

jumbo sized tailgate items.

These are just a handful of the highlights from the Orlando show. Now enjoy this video a colleague shared about his visit to the big daddy of all the shows, the PPAI Expo. If you see something that's a must-have for your next marketing campaign, just give us a call or hit us up with an email.


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