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  • May 8, 2012

The US Postal Service has had to endure hearing the term “snail mail” for over a decade. As internet usage has become mainstream, mail volume has seriously declined to the point that some have questioned whether the agency can survive. The irony is that decreased revenues have now brought the real possibility that service may have to be slowed by closing multiple mail handling facilities across the US. Yet even though first class mail, particularly business transactions such as invoicing and check payments, has seen a real drop in volume, advertising mail is hanging in there.

Why? Because it still works. Businesses from the smallest to the largest continue to include direct mail in their marketing arsenals. Even internet behemoth Google, whose revenue comes in overwhelming proportion from online ads, sends out envelopes containing promotion codes for AdWords. And Facebook, who is about to launch the largest Initial Public Offering in history, is using direct mail as part of its integrated marketing plans. You read that right. The kings of online marketing recognize that the most effective marketing comes from combining media channels.

Personalized direct mail is accessible to even the small business with the unique InteliMailer 

Direct mail is, and will continue to be, the most responsive and effective marketing method to reach your marketplace. It’s easily quantifiable, tactile, and according to the USPS Household Studies, “81% of all households read or at least scan all of their direct mail.” Of course, getting past the scan is the major step! The open-or-scan rate seems to be the same regardless of the quantity of direct mail they receive. The important thing to remember is that the more personalized the mailpiece, the greater the odds for success. Personalization is now accessible even to small businesses with the Intelimailer.

The InteliMailer combines an irresistible direct mail package with online marketing to get measurable results. 

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