National Nurses Week is May 6-12

  • Apr 17, 2007

A Profession and a Passion

Often described as an art and a science, nursing is a profession that embraces dedicated people with varied interests, strengths and passions because of the many opportunities the profession offers. Nurses work in emergency rooms, school based clinics, and homeless shelters, to name a few. They have many roles — from staff nurse to educator to nurse practitioner and nurse researcher — and serve all of them with passion for the profession and with a strong commitment to patient safety. The job market for qualified nurses remains one of the strongest in healthcare.

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6, also known as National Nurses Day, through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Pick a Theme
One hospital used the Academy Awards as the basis for a celebration program. They matched each staff member up with a movie role and/or former Oscar winner, whose acting role or other position such as directors, cinematographers, etc. related to the personality or recent events for that staff member. Great fun was had by all.

For example, a nurse who had demonstrated great efforts to get pictures of a patient's wounds for the charts, was awarded Best Cinematographer. Best Screenplay went to the nurse who demonstrated the best efforrts at charting. Best Actor went to the staff member who gave the best performance of a nurse who knew why he was making this home visit. (The information he was given about the patient and why she needed care was completely blank!) Talk about thinking on your feet!

Maybe you're not this creative, but if you're in healthcare, why not take advantage of the opportunity to say “thank you” next month? We can help you to make it memorable!

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