Unexpected Product Works for Fitness Center

  • Aug 19, 2008

When marketing a fitness center, the first promo items that come to mind are probably exercise-related: sports bottles, gym bags, bottled water, etc. But June Hines, of June Hines Pilates, figures that her students already have the fitness accessories they want.

“With water bottles, a lot of people do carry them, but a lot of people don’t,” she says. “Then with the workout bag, it’s the same thing: A lot of people bring their own bag.”

Instead, Hines likes to give her clients a practical gift that everyone can use. For her holiday presentation this past year, she decided to go with an umbrella. “It seemed like a good, practical gift,” she says. “It’s a marketing promotion, too, obviously, because my logo’s out there, so it brings attention.”

Hines says that the umbrella got the reaction that she’d wanted from her students: “They’re saying, ‘What a nice, practical gift,’” she says, “because everybody can use an umbrella – and you always lose one.”

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mbrella makes a surprising product for fitness promotion

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