3 Apparel Trends for 2022

  • Jan 9, 2022

The lines have blurred between home and work and corporate and casual – a societal shift reflected in apparel this year, with many smaller trends consolidating under the umbrella of lifestyle-driven casuals. Along with here-to-stay features like softness and earth tones, the new year will also draw inspiration from the prints and patterns of bygone decades while also highlighting sustainability. Here are three big trends to watch.

TREND: Muted Colors

Expect to see Subtle tones and hues of the desert, pastels, muted greens, creams, soft blues, custardy yellow, terra cotta, taupe, slate. At Hanes, muted versions of bright colors are referred to as “restorative pastels,” At first glance, you may not see the base color, but a closer look shows a very soft application of a bright hue.

TREND: Earth-Conscious Product

Year after year, concern for the environment becomes a bigger influence in product design and consumer choices. For many apparel suppliers, the majority of new product development is in eco-friendly items. Fleece has been popular for a long time, but these days it’s common to find it made from recycled polyester. We’re seeing T-shirts made from a blend of three eco-friendly yarns — U.S.-grown cotton, recycled poly and TENCEL Modal — for a feel that is lightweight and soft.

TREND: ’90s Nostalgia

Perhaps to balance the Muted Colors trend, we are also expecting to see some “louder and fiercer” looks, with bright, positive hues like vibrant pink, amethyst purple and lime green surging. Based on recent fashion week expos, we can expect more ginghams and checkered prints, tied to the resurgence of what has been called the “surfer-punk-ska aesthetic, along with more florals and vintage plaids.” The effect of this rebirth is twofold, it’s shaping the fashion of a younger generation while also creating nostalgia for those who lived through those times.

Apparel trends for 2022

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