Greener Options Are In More Demand Than Ever

  • Mar 6, 2022

Whether it’s checks, brochures, or signs, APTCO prints a lot of products on paper. Just a few years ago, requests for recycled materials were unusual. But eco-friendly processes are quickly becoming mainstream. And the demand is not limited to paper products, but now expanded into our branded apparel business. Consumers are paying attention to the printing processes used to print their shirts.

The demand for eco-friendly materials are merging with concern for energy conservation as well. It’s really simply a matter of eliminating waste. Traditional print methods like offset require plates which are used only once. Digital printing goes directly from computer to paper or fabric. Transfer printing on T-shirts has been a common method used in the past, but direct-to-garment (DTG) eliminates a step and a wasteful component, while creating richer color.

For large format printing—projects such as signs and banners—latex printing and UV printing are known as cleaner and greener processes.

Less Waste

  • When printing directly onto the garment, there are no secondary processes required.
  • When less equipment is required during the setup (no screens or plates), then no bulky waste products are produced.

Water Conservation

  • While it takes a huge amount of water to produce printed fabrics, with more modern machinery and advanced ink used in sublimation technology, millions of tons of water are saved annually.
  • Using heat or UV eliminates the need for either pre-wash treatments of post-productino processes involving water, like steaming or washing.

Energy Efficiency

  • Digital submission of large-format designs enables prints to be sent directly to the printer.
  • No transfer paper means less physical waste, only the ink required to print, and it’s quicker.
  • Add in the adoption of low energy using UV lamps, and the process of screen transfer looks positively archaic.

Greener options are more in demand than ever

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