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  • Nov 8, 2021

If there’s one big lesson we’ve learned in the past year and a half, it’s that wellness matters more than ever. It isn’t only about washing your hands or masking up—it’s about continuously and thoughtfully caring for your body, mind and spirit. Though we heard a lot of jokes about becoming couch potatoes, the facts actually support the opposite. We’re most aware and concerned about our health that ever before.

Through the health and wellness market, consumers can explore all kinds of services and activities to improve their well-being. This vast industry includes everything from day spas and boutique gyms to preventive medicine and fitness apps. Globally, the market is worth about $4.5 trillion, according to the Global Wellness Institute. By 2025, this industry could top $6 trillion.

Even BP (Before the Pandemic), wellness was top of mind for many consumers. Between 2019 and 2020, Google search trends showed a 250-percent jump in searches related to self-care. On Instagram, #SelfCareSunday has become a way for wellness-seekers to show how they recharge for the week ahead. Beauty and skincare brands are also jumping on the #SelfCareSunday trend, with many seeing doubledigit growth in earned media value, according to Tribe Dynamics, an influencer marketing platform.

It’s no surprise that pandemic-related stress has prompted people to prioritize their #SelfCare—and not just on Sundays. A Harris Poll survey shows that 64 percent of people are focusing more on mental health, 35 percent are participating in creative activities more often, 31 percent are praying more and 25 percent are upping their time outdoors compared to BP.

This focus on wellness isn’t just a fad. Consumers around the world are viewing their health through a new lens. According to a survey from McKinsey, 79 percent of people believe wellness is important and almost half (42 percent) consider it a top priority.

This is promising news for brands in the health and wellness world. People want to protect their physical health and relax their minds. Through promotional campaigns, brands can get in front of their target audience and promote wellness even during a pandemic. Your organization can be part of this. Let’s explore some possibilities together!

wellness is now top of mind

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