The Biggest Cause Marketing Month

  • Sep 20, 2011

Is there a marketing manager anywhere who hasn't heard that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? There are countless charitable causes that claim a month, a week or a day to try to capture the public's attention. Raising awareness even a little can make a big difference to people in need. Judging by our holiday trivia section at the end of each month's newsletter, you can see that some of these border on the frivolous. Well, OK, some cross the border. But in terms of serious causes, Breast Cancer Awareness Month trumps them all, even cardiovascular disease, which kills ten times as many women as breast cancer. Thank the ubiquitous pink ribbon, a universally recognized symbol, which has led to many spin-offs.

Cause marketing can be an effective marketing strategy, but it can also backfire if not done well. Consumers are resentful if they perceive that a company is just taking advantage of public sympathy, while the main goal of increasing sales seems paramount. Make sure that whatever cause you decide to embrace for a marketing partnership, that you make clear the contribution you are making from each sale. A sizable public contribution, tied to an event, brings very favorable publicity. If a percentage of sales or profits are to be donated, state how much that is. Consumers want to know that they are making a difference by doing business with your company. Any reduced profits in the short term will be offset by growth in the long term. You can do well by doing good. For 5 tips to successful cause marketing, review our article from last year on the subject.

There is no shortage of pink products to promote breast cancer awareness 

A couple of years ago we profiled a very successful campaign by Mott's. But local charities can be just as effective as national ones, perhaps even more effective. So join those supporting a cause that fits your company. Next month will be full of opportunities (just look at all the pink choices), but so will the whole year. We'd love to help you to executive a successful campaign.

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