When is a coffee mug not a coffee mug

  • Feb 17, 2009

Search for “mug” on our web site, and you’ll find over 12,000 different items. Can you say overwhelming? Of course, you can narrow that down in many ways by adding keywords to the search, but they're still mugs, right? Well, maybe!

We’ve been compiling a list of different uses for a mug, and the results will surprise you. We have some creative clients, and admit to a definite streak of creativity here on the home front. (That’s what comes from a former career as a music teacher before getting into printing and promotions.) Before we wrap up this list, it’s your turn to send us your ideas for unusual ways to use a coffee mug for promotional purposes. We have a special prize for the respondent to send us the most ideas. We’ll publish them all next month. OK, everyone get outside the box!

Logoed promotional mug

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