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  • Dec 4, 2021

As we approach the end of another year, it’s a good time to consider marketing plans for 2022. We have some reason to hope it will be a little closer to the normal we knew before the global pandemic—but of course, the definition of “normal” continues to change.

Many businesses have engaged with charitable causes with great success. As we were recently reminded in the lead-up to Giving Tuesday, there is no shortage of worthwhile causes. And thankfully, consumers are inclined to support businesses that share their values. Promotions that promise, for example, to share a percentage of profits with a particular charity have been very successful.

This idea is by no means limited to marketing by businesses. Special events aimed directly at a particular charity, such as Race for the Cure, owe their success directly to the association with the charity, even when organized by outside groups. While this is perhaps the best-known example, we’ve written about some unusual ones, too.

Awareness months attempt to draw focus to a worthy cause to increase donations. October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month was the first, but now there are more of these than the months of the year. Chances are good that you can find one that aligns with your organization. In a previous article, we’ve outlined the steps to turn that vision into a campaign. Below is a list of the best-known awareness months.

January Blood Donor Month
February American Heart Month
March National Nutrition Month
April World Health Day
May Mental Health Awareness Month
June Men’s Health Month
July UV Safety Month
August National Immunization Awareness Month
September National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
November American Diabetes Month
December HIV/AIDS Awareness Month

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